You’re closer than you think to living a life free from alcohol

It’s time to get curious!

You’ve taken the first step: you’ve decided it’s time to change your relationship with alcohol

Curiosity—without judgment—allows us to question our drinking without beating ourselves up, without feeling the guilt, blame and shame that we are used to.

Maybe you’re just plain tired of wanting that drink every day at 5 o’clock. Or maybe you’re waking up in the wee hours in a pool of sweat, trying to remember what happened the night before. Or maybe you do remember everything that happened...and cringe.

And the regret…“I did it again when I promised myself I wouldn’t.” You feel guilt, the heaviness, the self-loathing.

And the hopeless feeling—will I ever be able to break free from this vicious cycle?

You’re not alone!

My Statement of Integrity

My coaching practice deals solely with educating/mentoring those who are looking to quit drinking alcohol, period. I am not coaching on other substances, since they are not a part of my life.

I embarked on the This Naked Mind journey after having heard Annie Grace speak on a talk show about how this method can quell one’s desire to drink. That is what I wanted for myself, and that is the goal that I’m aiming to help my clients attain.  I am not interested in coaching those who are looking to moderate or merely cut back on their alcohol intake because, frankly, I do not believe that moderation is possible for those of us who have used/abused alcohol to either numb our emotions or fill a void in our lives.

I wholeheartedly believe in the science behind this method, (i.e., the rerouting/rewiring of one’s neural pathways to cause one to not want alcohol anymore) because I’ve been living it since Feb 2021, which is what drives my desire to help others.

After years of trying (and failing) to moderate my drinking, I was beginning to believe that maybe I’m just getting too old, too set in my ways, that maybe it was too late for me.

Wrong on all counts. Turns out it wasn’t my fault at all.

I simply had the wrong tools!

“We need to stop asking ourselves if we have a problem with alcohol and start to get curious about how much better our lives could be.”

Annie Grace

Author ofThis Naked Mind
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