Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to stop drinking while I receive coaching?

The short answer is NO! That is not a requirement, nor how the program works. In fact, we encourage you to STOP trying to STOP as we teach you about alcohol’s effects on your mind and body. We’ll dig deep to discover your reasons for drinking, your deep-seated beliefs around alcohol, etc.

Is the coaching confidential?

On my side, absolutely, yes! Nothing we discuss will ever go further than my own ears. You don’t even have to use your real name if you choose! We can talk more about ways to minimize others in your life finding out what you’re doing as well, if that is a concern. Just bring that up on our Discovery Call.

Can you guarantee I will stop wanting to drink?

I cannot guarantee the timing of any one person’s mind shift. There are simply too many variables to consider; how long and how much they’ve been drinking, the underlying reasons for their drinking, as well as the time and effort put in to achieve their goal, as examples.

What I can say, however, is that those who do the work and trust the process usually end up on the other side at some point. Some have achieved sobriety after 30 days while with some it may take over a year. No two people are the same.

Can you provide ongoing support, even after I become alcohol-free?

Absolutely, yes! Life after sobriety can bring a new set of challenges, which is a GOOD thing because you’re finally able to experience life’s ups and downs, while feeling all the feels!

I can help you navigate those alcohol-free (AF) firsts:

  • First AF wedding
  • First AF concert
  • First AF happy hour w/friends
  • First AF party, etc.

I can also offer tips on how to handle awkward situations that may arise with family or friends when they notice you're no longer drinking.

How does your program differ from AA?

We do not assign labels or make you feel as if you’re defective or “different” from other people. We do not cause you to feel shame and guilt should you drink while in the program. And we do not believe you’re powerless when it comes to making the behavioral changes you’re wanting to make.

Instead, you'll learn that it's not you, but, rather, the substance that’s to blame. We encourage you to get curious when/if you drink while in the program and to use it as a learning tool. And we use our proven methods to help you--plain and simple--no longer want alcohol.

I can help you find the freedom from alcohol that you’ve been longing for, all without having to use willpower, with no judgment, no labels, no shame.

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