Why it Works

Our Tools vs. Traditional Methods

Through education based on the most recent insights across psychology and neuroscience, you are able to forever change your relationship with alcohol—without pain, without rules and without missing out.

Why do traditional recovery modalities have such poor success rates?

If you're like me, you've made repeated efforts to get your drinking under control, everything from: taking “breaks” from drinking on your own; attending meetings; Google research on “Am I an alcoholic?”; perhaps even going so far as to enroll yourself into inpatient or outpatient rehab.

First, willpower doesn't last

Willpower is like a muscle and will fatigue over time. It runs out. We’ve all experienced this as we’ve been so determined to quit forever—and eventually give in. Yet that is where we tend to start. We rely on willpower to change a negative behavior: like picking up that first drink at 5 o'clock.

There is so much more to habit change than changing the behavior. True freedom lies in the subconscious conditioning AROUND the behavior.

Secondly, shame and “powerlessness” rarely work

In most traditional rehab—12-step programs in particular—you’re made to feel full of shame, as if there’s something wrong with you. You have a “disease” and that you’re somehow weak or, worse, powerless. They assign derogatory labels (“alcoholic”) that you are destined to carry with you for the rest of your life. And should you ever have a “slip,” you end up having to announce it at a meeting, starting over at Day 1, feeling like a failure.

It is POSITIVE emotion that creates true and lasting change!

Our method is different

We believe there are three pillars to change: Knowledge, Emotion and Action. And instead of jumping straight to action, we start with knowledge. You’ll be learning all about alcohol and how the societal myths we’ve been fed all these years (alcohol relaxes me, alcohol makes me more fun, e.g.) are just that, myths! We start with learning because when you learn something new, you FEEL something new. And when you FEEL something new, you DO something new—and your desires begin to shift. And this mind shift will cause you to no longer want alcohol.

You've changed your action!

I can help you find the freedom from alcohol that you’ve been longing for, all without having to use willpower, with no judgment, no labels, no shame.

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